Bulette Lvl: 1

Str: 16 Ability Mod: +3
Dex: 6 Ability Mod: -2
Con: 18 Ability Mod: +4
Int: 2 Ability Mod: -4
Wis: 2 Ability Mod: -4
Cha: 2 Ability Mod: -4

HP: 45
AC: 17

Bite – 1D8
Claws – 2D6


Princess is a Bulette (also know as a Landshark) that was encountered on the train our heroes currently find themselves misadventuring upon. When she was released by a very tired Orc (later to be known as “Dances with Nalgenes”)in order to be used as a weapon against our heroes, Robert used his affinity with animals to soothe the beast with his bardic music. He then asserted his dominance by uttering the single universal command, “SIT” which. upon hearing, she did…
She has now joined the main party as Roberts animal familiar.

Princess left with Robert after his argument with Zark and was never seen again.


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