Worst Battle in DnD History


A fight between our heroes, and a number of barricaded Orcs with some hostages behind them.

What should have been a fast paced, cover-to-cover battle, became the most monotonous and unlucky face-off that any of us had ever seen.

Krog was holding the assailants off, his brother was knocked unconscious from blood loss.

Some of our heroes tried a direct approach, such as Zark who slithered underneath benches and such to try and avoid gunfire. A grunt, noticing his advance, began trying to stab Zark. Zark responded by peeping in and out from underneath the bench for a good 5 rounds, missing point blank shots with his looted pistol. A sad day.

A sad day, made even sadder when Jayson and Grok believed that a flanking attack was in order. Breaking the glass windows, they hatched a plan to use the maintenance bars on the outside of the train. This was a bad idea.

2 appalling rolls later, they were hanging onto each side of train for dear life. Their feet would chafe them for the weeks following.

Krog kept missing shots and Gkor kept bleeding.

It was only until Robert F’eratun sneaked around the enemies, mingled in with the hostage crowd and convinced them to bum-rush their kidnappers._ Good job, Robert._

Oh, and Zark stabbed some peeps.

Worst Battle in DnD History

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